Xiamen Wingtas Garments Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of outdoor and sportswear in China

Registered capital of 50 million, since its establishment in 2002, adhering to the values of gratitude and sharing, to continue to learn, change and steady business philosophy, after 19 years of development, has developed into one of the largest clothing design, intelligent manufacturing factory in Xiamen, and won the "National Textile Industry Advanced Collective" industry highest honor. With annual sales of 300million yuan and annual tax payment of nearly 10 million yuan, the company has been rated as "large taxpayer" and "Tax credit Rating AA" for many times.

In the clothing manufacturing sector, we mainly develop and produce sports wear, outdoor wear, down jacket, yoga wear and other types. At present, it has three intelligent production bases in Xiamen, Jiangxi and Zhangzhou, with nearly 1000 employees. Its customers are all over China, Europe, America, Australia, Canada, Japan and other countries, providing customers with the best cost-effective products and one-stop service.

Five Major Businesses >

1. OEM & ODM international brand sportswear to export

2. OEM top brand sportswear of domestic

3. ODM school uniform of domestic

4. ODM team uniforms for domestic companies

5. ODM high-end customized clothing for domestic individual
                                                                                                                                                                                                         jiangxi Fuzhou Intelligent Factory



Effective Team, professional design, through continuous communication with European and American customers, to provide customers the latest functional or characteristic materials, won high praise and consistent praise from foreign customers.

We have developed and obtained seven garment patents, such as windbreaker with hidden hood, various garments with invisible open-ending zip inside, and the protective cover for cold and rain protection. At the same time, we have also registered 85 trademarks in China.

Intelligent Manufacture >

  • System Automation Intelligent application, achieve the transparency of production management.
  • Improve employee working environment and workshop production environment.
  • Improve the efficiency of staff management and quality management .
  • Shorten production lead time, improve production efficiency.


System Qualification<

◎QualityManagementSystemCertifificate ◎OccupationHealthandSafetyManagementSystemCertifificate ◎EnvironmentalManagementSystemsCertifificate◎safetyproductionstandardization◎BSCICertifificationSystem ◎IntegrationofInformationandIndustrializationManagementSystem ◎ChinaEnvironmentalProtectionProductCertifification