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Wingtas Group's Future Strategy

  • New base: Develop new manufacturing bases in the mainland and Southeast Asia, strengthen co-operation with supporting factories in the mainland to reduce labor costs and solve labor shortage problem.

  • New intelligence: Continue to develop intelligent manufacturing to reduce reliance on skilled workers and improve efficiency.

  • New manufacturing: Create lean production mode to realize the enterprise's stronger manufacturing advantage.

  • New business: Expand more domestic business. Customized Wingtas College


Wingtas Group's development plan during 2019-2023

Five-year development plan for a factory group

  • In 2019, set up Jiangxi Fuzhou Intelligent Factory

  • In 2020, set up Jiangxi Jiujiang Factory

  • In 2021, set up  Jiangxi Yudu Intelligent Factory

  • To build intelligent  factories in other provinces of mainland from 2022 to 2023.

We look forward to working with you to achieve win-win cooperation.

  • In the near future, Wingtas Group will be a professional factory with greater productivity that can provide customers with one-stop service from basic knitwear to down jacket.

  • Through the construction of production base and the operation of domestic well-known sports brands and school uniforms orders, Wingtas Group plan to double the scale of its garment manufacturing industry within five years and develop steadily in other fields.